About Smittybread Bakery

Since 2015, Smittybread Bakery has been Greater Lafayette’s trusted source for handcrafted breads, croissants, pretzels and other exceptional baked goods. Using the purest of ingredients and avoiding short-cuts, Smittybread’s staff produces breads and pastries the old-fashioned way, with painstaking attention to detail from beginning to end. Baked fresh daily, our breads and pastries have found their way into the hearts and homes of some of Lafayette’s most discerning foodies. Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed!

5 thoughts on “About Smittybread Bakery

  1. I just wanted to tell you how good you Lafayette sour bread was . I introduced myself to you at the WLFM and told you I had been a baker for 40 years. We drove back home to Washington enjoying our sandwiches on your bread! Keep it up and your photos look fantastic!


  2. I’m visiting from the Monterey Peninsula and bought your Seeded Sourdough at the WLFM yesterday. This morning I’m enjoying the BEST toast ever. I took a bread baking course at the San Francisco Baking Institute a few years ago and have been lucky enough to live just south of a part of the country that takes credit for the wonderful renaissance in artisan breads. San Francisco is to sourdough what the Vatican is to Catholics. Lafayette/W Lafayette, you have a treasure here – a truly talented baker. I’m spreading the word. smittybread is the real deal.


  3. Thanks, Mary, for the high compliment and encouraging words! I try hard to live up to the standards of the artisan bakers I’ve met and learned from. The next time you visit please come see the new bakery at 415 S. Fourth St. With luck it’ll open for business in two or three weeks, and folks in Greater Lafayette will be able to enjoy Smittybread year-round.


  4. We have a few non-sourdough offerings. Two we bake daily: baguettes, and Vincenzo Italian hearth bread. Others, such as pumpernickel, are baked weekly. We also occasionally offer challah, honey oatmeal and brioche. Thanks for your interest!


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